To take part in Off The Muck Market's referral contest, you agree to the following rules listed below.

1. The referral contest will include any referrals made between January 4, 2022, and January 31, 2022.

2. For a sign-up to officially count as a "referral," the new member must receive at least 2 deliveries from Off The Muck Market.

3. To count as a referral, the referred member must state during sign-up that they heard about Off The Muck Market from you. We will do our best to match names to accounts for this contest, but ultimately it is up to the newly signed-up member to use the same name that's on the account. An easy way to avoid any issues is by using your personalized referral code link. 

4. Whoever has the most entries by the end of the contest will be the winner.

5. To win, you must be an active member of Off The Muck Market and have received at least two deliveries.

6. Any further questions regarding this contest should be directed to our email, [email protected], or by calling 315-216-7651.


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