Spicy-Sweet Chile Mango Sundae

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Spicy-Sweet Chile Mango Sundae

This chile mango sundae situation is summer in a glass. It's a riff on classic Mexican flavors (fresh mango, chile, salt, lime) and hits the exact right balance of spicy, sweet, and refreshing—just the way summer desserts should be.


  • honey
  • lime wedges
  • mangoes
  • mango sorbet
  • salt
  • ancho chile powder
  • Valentina sauce


1. On a plate, add about one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of ancho chile powder. Toss and swirl to combine. Circle the lip of a tall glass with a lime wedge so that the moisture can bind the salt to the glass. Dip the glass into your spicy salt until it coats the glass evenly.

2. Drizzle about two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of your favorite Mexican hot sauce (think: Tapatío, Cholula, Valentina) into the bottom of the glass. Squeeze half a lime and stir it all together until it's completely incorporated. 

3. Get your favorite pint of mango sorbet and scoop it on into your gussied up glass. Add several slices of fresh mango, another drizzle of a honey-Mexican hot sauce-lime syrup, and a few pinches of flaky salt. 

Do not forget: This is a toppings game. And now is your chance to show off your skills.


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