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Rib-eye Steak

Drover Hill Farm

Rib-eye Steak


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Prized for its flavor, this cut is juicy, rich, and has generous marbling throughout. It is a fine-grained steak, unrivaled in its tenderness and rich flavor.

When you buy a Rib-eye Steak from Drover Hill, you'll never buy a steak from anywhere else again, especially a store.

Each steak weighs an average of 8-12 oz. and comes in a packet of two.

There are several tried-and-tested methods for cooking this cut of beef, and it tastes amazing whether skillet-cooked, grilled, or broiled. It is versatile and tastes as good in a salad or sandwich, but it shines served as an individual steak with your favorite accompaniments. All our cattle are pasture-raised and we promote ethical farming – so you can enjoy your Rib-eye with confidence.

Steaks are sold by the pound. Total package average weight is 2.75 lbs 

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