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Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon Ginger Ale - Local

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon Ginger Ale - Local

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Stimulate your palette with this bittersweet explosion of blood orange, Meyer lemon, and 100% fresh ginger. Made with organic sugar and all-natural ingredients, not only will you be able to taste the greatness, but you’ll be able to feel it too. Blood oranges and Meyer lemons are both packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and amazing antioxidants; all things that will leave your body happy, healthy, and craving more!

If you love the taste of original ginger ale but have a craving for some flavor diversity, this is a perfect place to start; it’s your favorite classic flavor with a delicious, citrusy kick. Once a special-edition flavor, it is now here to stay. Once you give it a try, you’ll know why!

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