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Chicken Thighs - 2lbs

Lucki 7 Livestock Company

Chicken Thighs - 2lbs


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Thighs are packed with flavor! You can bring out all its natural juiciness by cooking them in a skillet (with oil), then move them into an oven for 20 to 30 minutes. The result is beautifully golden brown skins.

Thighs are a fantastic protein source and can be the main event for dinner or added to a recipe.

 Each Package Weighs about 2lbs.

Chicken thighs include more 'good' fats than the breasts. These are fats beneficial for your heart and help lower any bad cholesterol levels. This means you can enjoy a healthier and tastier mealtime.

Our animals are 100% natural...raised in a humane environment...one that is free from antibiotics and chemical hormones. Let us help you feed your family naturally!

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