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Gulf of Maine Atlantic Salmon

Red's Best

Gulf of Maine Atlantic Salmon

$19.95/1 lb.

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Salmon is a prolific piece of seafood that is meaty, oily, and mild-flavored while being packed with protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Red's Best Gulf of Maine Atlantic Salmon is responsibly farmed in Northern New England and driven down to Boston regularly. Whether you want to bake, sear, or grill this treasure of the sea, you will be feeding your loved ones a notorious and flavorful meal.

Red's best recommends a grilled salmon filet paired with a lemon and dill sauce. All seafood is delivered frozen. Weight is 1.0 lb.


Cilantro-Lime Honey Garlic Salmon

Garlic Butter Salmon with Asparagus and Potatoes

Simple Salmon Chowder

Roasted Salmon with Potatoes and Green Beans

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