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Stew Meat


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This stew meat is precut, making cooking more enjoyable and quicker than ever! Whether you are having your normal meals or expecting some guests over for dinner, it’s important to make your stew tasty, easy, and fast. This cut features pure red meat with minimal fat content and is pasture-raised beef to ensure you are eating healthy. 

These steak cuts have little fat content but have a connective tissue known as collagen. The collagen breaks down after cooking the meat for some minutes, making it tenderer, tastier, and good for you.

Please note that the cost of this item varies by weight. You may receive a second charge to adjust for the difference between the amount you were already charged and the corrected cost.

As with all the beef at Drover Hill Farm, it has zero artificial preservatives, is pasture-raised, dry-aged, and they never use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They treat their cattle ethically. When you purchase from them, you can feel confident that you're getting the best meat they have to offer.

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