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“Sweet Life” Holiday Cookie Platter

Silver City Baking Company

“Sweet Life” Holiday Cookie Platter

$21.95/1 lb.

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Sweet Life of a Baker’s Signature Holiday Butter Cookie Platters are a holiday treat not to be missed! Each year these platters are enjoyed all over the country and loved by all. The flavors are reminiscent of childhood and the holidays that all ages adore. Almond, vanilla, chocolate, cherry and fig.

The 2021 Platters will include: Tri-color rainbow, vanilla bean sprinkle, glazed, almond crescent, chocolate crinkle, cucidati (fig) and cherry almond.

Our “Sweet Life” Cookie Platter serves 10-12 people and contain approximately 25-26 cookies. The design is subject to change and the photos may not be an exact representation of the cookie platter. (Note: This platter contains almonds)

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