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White Potatoes - 5 lb bag - Local

Joseph Rapasadi & Son Farm Produce

White Potatoes - 5 lb bag - Local


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Ohh the classic diet staple. The white potato takes the gold medal for being one of the most consumed vegetables around the world. Despite the bad rep they get from some, they are a nutritional powerhouse as they are packed with a quarter of your daily potassium, provide long-lasting fuel, are satiating, and are gut healthy. With their delicate skins, and fluffy, smooth texture, white potatoes add the perfect savory taste to your meals. 

Having a difficult time picking between the white potato and the sweet potato? Well, compared to sweet potatoes, these guys are quite similar in fiber content and calories, however, they contain more starch, folate, potassium magnesium, phosphorus, and less sugar. As good all-rounders, they can be used to make anything from French fries, mashed potatoes, loaded baked potatoes, potato chips, and much more! 

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. For best results, make sure the storage area is well-ventilated.


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