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Vendor: Bilinki's

Bilinki Location: Cohoes, NY

Making better food for a better world.

Food is a journey, not a destination. Ingredients– and the lands and hands that bring them to your plate– matter. Our ingredients are sourced and grown with integrity so we can better nourish families and communities. 

Respect Chickens

For Animals

By supporting responsible farmers who are raising the bar for animal welfare.

Provide Healthy Food for Families

For Families & Communities

By making an easy and healthy meal option for families packed with high-quality protein and nutrients.

For Our Future

By using ingredients that are raised and grown responsibly, with respect for the environment.

We stand behind our animal treatment.

We choose to support farmers who are doing things right, raising healthier chickens that are Antibiotic-free, free range, spend time outdoors, and are treated with respect. 

GAP Certification

We’re proud to be certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), a non-profit alliance of producers, retailers, animal advocates, and scientists dedicated to improving farm animal welfare. The chickens used in our Organic sausages are raised to GAP Step 3 standards or higher.

What does GAP Animal Welfare Certification mean?  

Our chicken sausages contain no antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products.

We work with farmers who raise chickens with more care and more space to roam.

Chickens live in an enriching environment, which includes six hours of darkness required daily to allow for proper rest.

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Chickens Raised Without Antibiotics

The vast majority of antibiotics administered to chickens are given as growth promoters, to help grow more chickens larger and faster, many times in crowded and unhealthy conditions. That’s why we only use chickens raised with no antibiotics- ever. We support healthy raising conditions, where chickens enjoy natural sunlight, access to the outdoors, and enough clean living space to act like chickens. Our farmers raise robust, heartier, and healthier breeds of chickens that grow at a natural rate.

Antibiotic-free chickens enjoy space to roam

Non-GMO Ingredients

We only use non-GMO ingredients in ALL of the natural and organic chicken sausages we produce.  

Better Chicken Commitment

At Bilinski’s, we care about the compassionate treatment of animals. That’s why our chicken sausages are certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP)—a certification program recognized by the ASPCA®. We are proud to support the movement to improve the lives of broiler chickens by adopting the Better Chicken Commitment. We will continue to source chicken from GAP-certified farms and by 2024, 100% of our chicken will be labeled GAP-certified.  

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