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Vendor: Buttercup Cheese

Location: Central Square, NY
Food Miles: 10 miles

Buttercup Cheese is a family-owned and operated cheese market offering a variety of high quality domestic and imported cheeses. We have a great selection of cheese aged from one to ten years.

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Amish Rolled Butter Blue Cheese - Imported Danish Blue Butter (Unsalted Block) Cottage Cheese Mild Cheddar Mozzarella (Block) Mozzarella P/S (Shredded) Muenster Cheese Provolone - Mild Sliced Sharp Cheddar Super XXXX Sharp Cheddar Super XXXXX Sharp Cheddar X-Sharp Cheddar Adams Reserve - X-Sharp Cheddar American Cheese Sliced (White) Butter (Salted Block) Chive Cheese Curd (Cheddar Base) Garlic Cheese Curd (Cheddar Base) Hot Pepper Cheese Curd (Cheddar Base) Plain Cheese Curd (Cheddar Base) Cheese Curd (Mozzarella Base) Colby Jack Longhorn Colby Longhorn Feta Mozzarella (Fresh) Parmesan Provolone - X Sharp Romano (Pecorino) Smoked Gouda Steakhouse Onion Super XXX Sharp Cheddar Swiss - Sliced

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