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Vendor: Davidson's Organics

Davidson’s Organics is a direct-from-garden source for organic and fair-trade teas, herbs, spices, cocoa, and gifts. As third-generation organic tea growers with a deep respect for nature, a dedication to high-quality infusions, and a passion for innovation, we pride ourselves on utilizing the best trading and eco-friendly practices in our field.  

All of our teas, spices, and herbs originate from small tea producers or disenfranchised farmers around the world. These direct trade relationships connect us to the people and lands of Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, and other states in the USA. We take our responsibility seriously to look after the larger community and provide a better quality of life for each individual and their collective family on the tea gardens we work and associate ourselves with, along with the families of employees in Sparks, NV who make it possible to blend, manufacture and distribute our delicious tea blends.

At these gardens, we ensure that advanced organic methods of bio-dynamic farming are being put to use. These methods are characterized by self-sufficiency and biological diversity, where crops and livestock are integrated and nutrients recycled, and where the health of the soil, crops, animals, and the farmer too, are maintained holistically. We proudly donate a portion of our profits to The Organic Center, an arm of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), to promote the health and sustainability of our planet through organic farming methods. We are committed to supplying you with the purest cup of tea while preserving earth's precious lands for generations to come.

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