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Vendor: Drover Hill Farm

Drover Hill Farm Location: West Edmeston, NY
Food Miles: 47 miles

Your Food is Our Mission. Here at Drover Hill Farm, we are a family-run farm and our mission is to promote the health and welfare of our land, our animals, our customers, and our family. We raise animals in pastures, free from chemicals, mistreatment, and the environmental harm associated with the industrial food chain. Your support makes the world a better place!

 Rob and Megan Wilcox were newlyweds back in 2010 and had a passion to care for animals and wanted to do their own thing.

 We started our “from scratch” farm with purchasing cows that made up a small dairy. We milked about 40-90 cows throughout the various years and just recently sold our small herd of 40 to start Drover Hill on April 1, 2020. 

 We started our beef herd with 4 heifers in 2014 and have enjoyed seeing them multiply, each picking out our favorites.

 We started our first meat bird flock in 2019 and loved how flavorful they were and will not be without them every year!

 We always raised our own pigs and that is actually how we ended up buying Drover Hill. We were at Ed’s buying his pastured pig equipment (feeders, porta-hut shelters, and water) and he talked us into continuing the Drover Hill brand.

 We’ve never followed status quo thinking and believe that how something is raised and cared for translates into better nutrients for us. We still love caring for and raising all kinds of species and hope to bring more to our little ecosystem every year.

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