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We began as a tiny enterprise to promote a vegetarian lifestyle. Now we’ve grown into an environmentally friendly company providing excellent employment for more than thirty people.

In 1977, when the natural foods industry was in its infancy, Norman Holland and Andrew Schecter envisioned a business to serve as a vehicle for positive social change. With the help of $7000 in loan money from friends, Northern Soy (that’s our company name, SoyBoy is our brand name) began making organic tofu. From the conviction that happy workers produce higher quality foods, Northern Soy has since strived to create a workplace where people can enjoy their work and have their needs fulfilled.

Fast forward to the present: the natural foods industry has experienced explosive growth over the past four decades. Big food conglomerates have largely taken it over. At SoyBoy, we remain independently owned, and Norman and Andy still manage the daily operations.
In 1977 our first small tofu-making factory was a scene right out of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Over time, the system has evolved profoundly.

Back-breaking repetitive jobs have been replaced with microprocessor-controlled state-of-the-art machinery, allowing people to focus on quality control and food safety. We have worked hard to remain true to our original ideals. Andy and Norman are still vegetarians. From our inception, we have supported organic agriculture as both a business and a personal conviction. The extent we have succeeded can be measured by a loyal customer base that continues to grow and in the dedication of our Northern Soy family whose average tenure is 10 years.

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