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Vendor: Syracuse Salt Company

Location: 333 Pulaski Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
Food Miles: 15 miles

The Syracuse Salt Co. is a creative, small-batch, hand-finished salt curated in Syracuse, NY by the father-daughter dynamic duo, David & Libby.  They believe that food is more than just sustenance; it can be a gathering of friends, family an experiment, or a melding of traditions. 

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, David grew up in the industrial town endearingly nicknamed the 'Salt City' way back in the 18th century.  Growing up, Libby could be often be found cooking and baking in the kitchen with David, mostly enjoying the fruits of his labor.  David's passion for trying out new flavors and unconventional dishes continued to evolve over the years.  He realized the secret ingredient to perfect these experiments were different variations of salt - finishing salts such as Himalayan salts or varying types or flake or sea salts in particular.  

After reading up on the history of salt and conducting fairly extensive research, he began sampling various exotic flavors and recruited Libby to try new dishes.   They both felt there was a wider audience to be reached with this fairly well-kept secret so in a nod to the 'Salt City,' the Syracuse Salt Company was born.

 We encourage you to try out their amazing line of products and assure you, you will not be disappointed!  

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