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Vendor: The Stand

THE STAND started back in 2013. We had backyard gardens, an orchard, vineyard, berries which resulted in a wealth of fruits and vegetables that we sold to the public. What started as a  very small produce stand out in front of our home, has now grown into a large STAND that serves the community in large volumes.

Recently, I was inspired to start baking pies. As a child I remember my mother and sisters baking and it filled our home with calming wonderful scents; I learned to bake and baked for my three daughters while they were growing up, which now has grown to baking for my grandchildren and my entire family. Having a love to bake, I had decided to start making pies for my customers. The very first week I received well over 40 orders for pies and that number has grown immensely. Making pies is one of my absolute joys in life; its making the fillings from scratch and rolling out homemade dough along with decorating pies to make them “pretty” just gives me the greatest satisfaction knowing customers can enjoy flakey crust with fresh homemade fillings to warm their stomachs, their hearts, and their homes.

Anything from The Stand this week?
6 inch Frozen Homemade Apple Pie - Local 6 inch Frozen Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - Local