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Originally, I wanted to support local growers and small businesses. The home delivery was a nice bonus. The customer service is simply impeccable. Produce is very good quality, delivered in minimal and environmentally sustainable packaging. Whatever small concern I may have had was handled quickly and graciously. Then, as the pandemic set in, home delivery became very important. As the company grows, the variety of produce and other local food items continues to increase. I also enjoy the Off the Muck community page, where customers happily share their creations. I have been a customer for 3 years, and intend to enjoy this service for many more. -Charlene from Fairmount
January 13, 2021

Everything arrives nice and fresh, packaged well, and delicious! They have wonderful choices, with extra items to purchase also. (the wonderful milk, chicken pies, apple pies, and lots of goodies!!). Their customer service is efficient and quick to respond. They support local farms, local shops and local is where we should all be shopping in this Covid world!! They bring it to my door, it keeps me out of the stores (that I don’t want to be in) since I’m an essential worker who has been working.... all this time! -Patti from East Syracuse
January 10, 2021

It gives me the opportunity to purchase fresh, local-ish products from farms and family businesses that I might not ever get to, or even know about. The quality is always fantastic, and customer service is phenomenal. I always recommend OTM to everyone. -Gerri from Oswego
January 7, 2021

I love their customer service & the quality of the items delivered. Everything is amazing, fresh & if there are ever any issues they are quick to respond & make it better. I’d definitely recommend signing up for OTM! -Shanna from Brewerton
December 29, 2020

Off the Muck Market provides excellent service and fresh products! I’ve used their service for about nine months and have never been disappointed. I especially like the ability to swap out products that are in my box but I don’t want or need. The add on’s are really great and eliminate my need to go to a grocery store. Getting fresh from the farm products without needing to go to a store is so important right now and helping support our local farmers is even more important!! Supporting our local business/farms is so important at this critical time, everyone need to try to pitch in and do whatever we can to help each other.  -Mary from Syracuse
December 18, 2020

There are so many things I like about being an Off the Muck Market customers! Firstly, it is so convenient to have fresh, high quality, nutritious food delivered right to my door! I love that the boxes are customizable and that the menu of add-ons keeps growing all the time! I love that they have partnered with local small businesses to bring us proteins, cheeses, sauces and bread. My boxes are affordable and meet the needs of my family. -Charlene
December 16, 2020

We love the fresh local produce and love that we can support our local farms. We love the convenience of the delivery and it's like Christmas every week. The ability to adjust the box sizes weekly is great and being able to have recurring add ons is very helpful. The customer service is top notch and if there is a problem, it is corrected quickly. I've had several friends sign up and tell people about OTM every chance I get. -Melanie from Manlius
December 1, 2020

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