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Welcome to our farmers page. We work with some amazing farms that you can read all about here!

Joseph Rapasadi

Joseph Rapasadi

Location: Canastota, NY

Food Miles: 21 miles

Specializing in onions and potatoes, Joseph J. Rapasadi & Son Farm Produce is a grower, wholesaler as well as a direct marketer of great local produce.

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Chicory Creek Farm

Chicory Creek Farm

Location: Mount Vision, NY

Food Miles: 77 miles

Chicory Creek Farm is a small family farm located in Mount Vision, New York halfway between Cooperstown and Oneonta. We grow a wide variety of Certified Organic produce as well as pasture-raised pigs and poultry.

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Drover Hill Farm

Drover Hill Farm

Location: West Edmeston, NY

Food Miles: 47 miles

Website: https://www.droverhillfarm.com/

Your Food is Our Mission. Here at Drover Hill Farm, we are a family-run farm and our mission is to promote the health and welfare of our land, our animals, our customers, and our family.

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Dygert Farms Creamery

Dygert Farms Creamery

Location: Palatine Bridge, NY

Food Miles: 70 miles

Website: https://www.dygertfarmscreamery.com/

Dygert Farms is a 13th generation dairy farm located in the beautiful Mohawk Valley in Palatine Bridge, NY. The farm house sits on the original 50 acres that was deeded to the Dygert family back in 1723 from the Queen of England.

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Emmi Farms

Emmi Farms

Location: Baldwinsville, NY

Food Miles: 25 miles

Website: http://www.emmifarms.com/

Anthony Emmi started the farm in 1946 in the city of North Syracuse, New York, where he sold his fruits and vegetables at his roadside stand and the Syracuse Regional Market. He later passed it down to his son, Carmen Emmi, and his son-in-law, Sam Mangano, who, over the years, increased the farm to 80 acres.

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Blueberry Hill Farms

Blueberry Hill Farms

Location: Clinton, NY

Food Miles: 46 miles

 Welcome to Blueberry Hill Farms & Nursery where we grow premium blueberries and blueberry plants.  Our field features 35 rows of well kept blueberry bushes spanning over 3 acres overlooking the countryside.

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Barone Gardens

Barone Gardens

Location: Cicero, NY

Food Miles: 7 miles

Website: https://www.bgardens.com/home.html

Barone Gardens is structured into 3 divisions - retail, wholesale and young plants. The retail was started in 1989 by John Barone as a farm market and pet & feed supply store.

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Comley's Country Creamery

Location: Mexico, NY

Food Miles: 28 miles

Website: https://comleyscountrycreamery.com/

Three generations of family, with a passion for the farm. We milk the cows, farm the land, bottle the milk, bake the goods, and man the store to see our neighbors.

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Creative Shepherd Farm

Creative Shepherd Farm

Creative Shepherd Farm is a farm-to-market operation in upstate NY, specializing in organic potatoes, garlic, cheese, and wool.

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Heller's Farm

Location: Bainbridge, NY

Food Miles: 65 miles

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Doyle Farms

Doyle Farms

Location: North Rose, NY

Food Miles: 50 miles

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Eden Valley Growers

Eden Valley Growers

Location: Eden, NY

Food Miles: 165 miles

Website: https://www.edenvalleygrowers.com/

Eden Valley Growers, Inc. established in 1956, is a vegetable growing farm cooperative that recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.

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Ellicottville Greens

Ellicottville Greens

Location: Ellicottville, NY

Website: https://www.ellicottvillegreens.com/

Ellicottville Greens grows microgreens, leafy greens, and herbs in an indoor controlled environment. These products are then sold to both consumers and businesses.

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Farmer Ground Flour

Farmer Ground Flour

Location: Newfield, NY

Food Miles: 76 miles

Website: http://www.farmergroundflour.com/

In the early nineteenth century, the Hudson Valley was the breadbasket of New York City; the Genesee Valley of western New York was the center of wheat production in the Northeast. Farmer Ground Flour rose from that history—from our desire to once again grow grain for the local flour mill.

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Foster Road Farm

Foster Road Farm

Location: Elbridge, NY

Food Miles: 33 miles

Website: https://www.fosterroadfarm.com/

Flowers are among the most fleeting joys of life. They remind us to savor the moment, to seize the day, to be grateful and present.

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Garrett Valley Farms

Garrett Valley Farms

Location: Swedesboro, NJ

Website: https://www.garrettvalley.com/

RAISED WITH FAMILY VALUES We are Garrett Valley Farms, a family-owned, family-operated company dedicated to crafting only the finest all-natural and organic meats. Today, we remain in business to make natural mean what you think it should mean.

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Gingerich Farm

Gingerich Farm

Location: Williamstown, NY

Food Miles: 35 miles

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Location: Sacketts Harbor, NY

Food Miles: 80 miles

Website: https://www.agbotic.com/

GoodHealthy fresh produce is local and organic - grown year-round on the world’s most advanced SmartFarm. The farm is certified organic inside and out and only grows healthy food in a way that is good for the environment.

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Grindstone Farm

Grindstone Farm

Location: Pulaski, NY

Food Miles: 35 miles

Website: https://www.grindstonefarm.com/

Dick de Graff and Victoria Ladd-de Graff own and operate Grindstone Farm, a 230 acre certified organic farm located in North Central New York. Dick has farmed it for 40 years, 33 years being certified organic by NOFA-NY and markets products in Central and Northern New York.

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Hughes Farm

Hughes Farm

Location: Deansboro, NY

Food Miles: 29 miles

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Hughes-Farms-105354471105278/

Farm fresh veggies, fruits, flowers, plants, raw honey, maple syrup, pumpkins, and so much more.

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Koch's Turkey Farm

Location: Tamaqua, PA

Website: https://www.kochsturkey.com/

Meet Our Family Roscoe and Emma Koch had a small family farm in the Lewistown Valley outside of Tamaqua, PA, and first started growing turkeys there in 1939. After raising turkeys for his father, Lowell Koch and his wife Elizabeth founded Koch's Turkey Farm in 1953.

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Kriemhild Dairy Farms

Kriemhild Dairy Farms

Location: Hamilton, NY

Food Miles: 30 miles

Website: http://www.kriemhilddairy.com/

Kriemhild Dairy Farms (pronounced CREAM-hild), is a small, farmer-owned, agribusiness specializing in high quality full-fat, and cultured dairy foods with milk sourced from grass-based herds in Central New York. Our premier product is made by slowly churning fresh sweet cream into an 85% butterfat, resulting in our creamy, flavorful butter.

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North Country Creamery

North Country Creamery

Location: Keeseville, NY

Food Miles: 204 miles

Website: https://www.northcountrycreamery.com/

North Country Creamery is a 100% grass-fed, Non-GMO, & Animal Welfare Approved dairy in Keeseville, NY. We are 20 minutes south of Plattsburgh, a ferry ride across Lake Champlain from Burlington, VT, and just over an hour from both the high peaks region of the Adirondacks and Montreal.

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O'Mara Farms

Location: Canastota, NY

Food Miles: 12 miles

Website: https://omarafamilyfarms.com/

In 1976 Paul and Cynthia O’Mara decided to start “O’Mara Farms”. Their vision was to produce high-quality food to feed as many people as possible.

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Oak Grove Produce

Oak Grove Produce

Location: Lowville, NY

Food Miles: 61 miles

Oak Grove Produce is an aggregator of certified organic Amish and Mennonite farmers in northern Lewis County and Southern Jefferson County, NY.

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October Rose Farm

October Rose Farm

Location: Moravia, NY

Food Miles: 41 miles

Website: https://www.instagram.com/octoberrosefarm/

October Rose Farm is a local, family-owned and operated farm specializing in pastured poultry, including broilers (meat-type chickens) and free-range laying hens. Owners Brian and Susan Underwood have been raising chickens on pasture near Otisco Lake for more than two decades.

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Oink & Gobble Farm

Oink & Gobble Farm

Location: Interlaken, NY

Food Miles: 93 miles


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Pedersen Farms

Pedersen Farms

Location: Seneca Castle, NY

Food Miles: 78 miles

Website: http://pedersenfarms.com/

Rick and Laura both grew up in the Finger Lakes. We moved back here in 1981 and began Pedersen Farms in 1983 on rented land.

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Satur Farms

Satur Farms

Website: https://www.saturfarms.com/

Satur Farms was started 20 years ago by a farmers’ daughter living and working in New York City and yearning again for country life along with her chef-husband, at the top of the culinary world, but lacking the fresh ingredients that he worked with in illustrious kitchens in Europe. Armed with Paulette Satur’s plant science degrees and Chef Eberhard Müller's passion for culinary perfection, they set about growing their farming business together.

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Williams Farm

Williams Farm

Location: Marion, NY

Food Miles: 83 miles

Website: https://www.williamsfarmsny.com/

Williams Farms, LLC is a 3rd generation family-owned fruit and vegetable farming business. Located in Marion, NY – Wayne County, Williams Farms, LLC utilizes some of the richest muck soil in the state.

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Chestnut Creek Farm

Chestnut Creek Farm

Location: Sterling, NY

Food Miles: 56 miles

Website: https://www.ccforganic.com/

Chestnut Creek Farm was officially founded in 2019.  Its set on 20 acres of land carved out of the original Ingersoll farm that extended from Blind Sodus Creek to Little Sodus Bay.

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Shults Family Farm

Shults Family Farm

Location: Canajoharie, NY

Food Miles: 90 miles

Shults Family farm is a multi-generational family farm operating in the Mohawk Valley. We pride our selves on our ability for our animals to be born, raised, and harvested locally.

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Kubecka Farms

Kubecka Farms

Location: Kirkville, NY

Food Miles: 14 miles

Originally cleared and farmed in the 1840s, the fertile sandy soils deposited by ancient glaciers became Kubecka Farms in 1943.  For 3 generations, we have grown crops here in Kirkville, New York.

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Trinity Valley Dairy

Trinity Valley Dairy

Location: East Homer, NY

Food Miles: 35 miles

Website: https://trinityvalleydairy.com/

Trinity Valley is a fourth-generation family farm in the beautiful valley of East Homer, about 30 minutes from the city of Syracuse. Its idyllic rolling hills and valleys suggest the pastures of yesteryear.

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Turek Farms

Turek Farms

Location: King Ferry, NY

Food Miles: 76 miles

Website: http://turekfarms.com/

History of Turek Farms My great-grandfather lost his job in the automobile factories in Detroit during the Great Depression. He packed up his family and headed south, unsure of what the future would hold.

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Yonder Farms

Yonder Farms

Location: Colonie, NY

Food Miles: 121 miles

Website: http://www.yonderfarmscolonie.com/

A locally owned and family run business, famous for our apples, baked goods, cider, and donuts. Yonder Farms has been a staple of the Capital District for many many years.

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