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Vendor: Amish and Mennonite Community

Location: Penn Yan, NY
Food Miles: 75 miles

Anything from Amish and Mennonite Community this week?
Medium Tomato - Local Yellow Squash - Local Green Bell Peppers Canning Tomatoes Brussels Sprouts Beets Sweet Potato (Yam) - Organic - Local Zucchini - Local Green Beans - Local Vine Ripe Tomatoes Eggplant Jalapeno Peppers - Local Grape Tomatoes Purple Grapes (Concord) - Local Hot Hungarian Wax Pepper - Local Decorative Floral Gourd Long Hot Peppers - Local Poblano Peppers - Local Pie Pumpkin - Local Seedless Watermelon Sweet Snacking Peppers - Local Mashed Potato Squash - Local Carnival Squash - Local Purple Cauliflower Ghost Chili Pepper Indian Corn - Local Orange Carrots - Organic - Local Rainbow Carrots - Organic - Local Red Potatoes - Organic - Local Large Garlic - Organic - Local Cucumber - Local Nectarines Honey Nut Squash - Local