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Vendor: Dygert Farms Creamery

Location: Palatine Bridge, NY
Food Miles: 70 miles

Dygert Farms is a 13th generation dairy farm located in the beautiful Mohawk Valley in Palatine Bridge, NY. The farm house sits on the original 50 acres that was deeded to the Dygert family back in 1723 from the Queen of England. Our farm is one of the very few operational Bi-centennial farms left and we are excited we will soon be a Tri-centennial!

In 2009, we moved back to the family farm and milked 50 cows in the tie stall barn. Over the years we added four little ones to our family (Dylan, Olivia, Tucker and Cassidy) while also expanding our dairy farm. 

Our cows are milked twice a day at our dairy in a double 8 parallel parlor. We raise and grow 90% of our feed for our animals. We have been named a Dairy of Distinction in New York and have received several Super Milk Awards for the quality of our Milk!

In 2015 we decided to start diversifying our farm and delivering fresh, local glass bottled milk from a nearby dairy to businesses and homes in our area with the goal to bottle our own in the future. In 2019 we started building our processing plant on our farm. 

We began processing our own milk in April 2021. We are so excited to offer our customers high-quality local milk from our dairy farm. The best part is our customers can visit our farm, the cows and see where their milk comes from! 

Anything from Dygert Farms Creamery this week?
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