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Fresh 66 Calorie Ginger Ale

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Fresh 66 Calorie Ginger Ale

$2.75/12 oz.

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If you want to enjoy the classic taste of ginger ale with even less sugar than Bruce Cost's original, then ‘66’ is for you! This beverage is sweetened with pure cane sugar and monk fruit, a zero-calorie sweetener with health benefits used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades. It works as an anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and is said to help boost your body’s immune system.

This beverage truly is a guilt-free, rejuvenating experience that will delight anyone’s taste buds, regardless of their dietary needs. 66 Calorie Ginger Ale has all of the greatness without having to compromise the delicious taste of fresh, original ginger ale!

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