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Peanut Butter Grain Free Treats - Local


Peanut Butter Grain Free Treats - Local

$7.95/8 oz.

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Some dogs have either an allergy to or are simply dietary intolerant to specific grains. One of IdlePaw's dogs, Oswald, is one of those. He does much better with a grain-free diet and is not the only pup out there with an issue. Fortunately, peanuts are not a grain and dogs LOVE peanut butter. IdlePaws mixes this batch up with grain-free flours to create an all-natural, tasty, crunchy treat that any dog will enjoy, whether they are on a grain-free diet or not. Cookies are cut into 1" heart shapes and can be easily broken if needed.  

All treats are made in the USA, using all-natural ingredients to create the best treats for your pet. No wheat, corn, or soy is used in dog treats. Some treats are available in grain and gluten-free options.

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