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Kitty Krackers


Kitty Krackers

$9.50/8 oz.

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Hey, we can't forget our feline friends, can we?  IdlePaw's grain-free Kitty Krackers are baked with the flavors and ingredients that cats simply love. If your cat thought the dogs made these, it would end the whole 'fight like cats and dogs' thing forever.  Not only that but each all-natural high protein Kitty Kracker is also packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy in mind and body.

It all started when Sue and Jim decided to create their very own pet treats following national pet treat safety concerns. They consulted with local veterinarians and worked in their test kitchen in the relentless pursuit of creating safe & healthy pet treats. 

In 2008, Sue and Jim launched Idle Paws to share the healthy, safe, and tasty pet treats they developed in a wide array of flavors and styles.   All treats are made in the USA, using all-natural ingredients to create the best treat for your pet. No wheat, corn, or soy is used in dog treats. Some treats are available in grain and gluten-free options. 

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