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Rumor has it that this fruit loves to play the name changer game. From yang tao (strawberry peach) to Chinese gooseberries, we now know this tangy-sweet fruit as the kiwifruit. Don’t let the bland and furry skin of the kiwi fruit fool you. With an emerald green interior packed with thousands of tiny, black seeds, its flavor has a tasty mix between strawberries and grapes with a tropical hint. Looking for an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, pectin, and potassium?  Slice the fresh, green fruit through its equator and toss it in a salad, top off a pie, blend it into a smoothie, or simply eat it as a snack! Mmmm we love kiwis on those fresh and sunny spring mornings.

Store in the refrigerator.


Kiwi Sorbet

Banana Kiwi Smoothie

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