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Smoked Pork Bacon - Local

Oink & Gobble Farm

Smoked Pork Bacon - Local

$7.95/1/2 pound

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This best-selling cut of pork comes from the belly of the hog and is cured and smoked to perfection. Belly meat is ideal for thick and crispy slices of natural, pasture-raised smoked pork bacon. The fatty belly of the hog gives it the necessary tenderness and sweetness for delicious thick strips. These juicy slices are fatty and flavorful for a perfectly crispy cook in the pan.

Based in Interlaken, NY, Oink & Gobble treats its pigs right to give you the best-tasting pork products in the area. Humanely raised with no hormones or antibiotics.

Bacon comes in 1/2 lbs. packages


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